All Businesses Need IT Support and Management with a Competent and Trustworthy Provider 

We started our relationship with BASE Solutions in a bit of a crisis when our existing IT services provider shut down at the same time we were launching several new organizations. The biggest short-term benefit has to be how smoothly and competently Atul and his team handled the transition. Overall, having our IT systems managed by a competent team creates efficiencies within our organization.

The clear communication about complex IT issues and the Tier 1 phone support that BASE Solutions provides on a daily basis is what sets this IT provider apart from others.

IT support and management are critical business needs for all businesses in all industries. Customers, clients and partners expect 100% uptime, and when your IT systems cannot deliver, it reflects badly on your business and on you personally. The best choice you can make is to hire BASE Solutions; you can trust them to deliver high-quality guidance and first-rate support.

John Wilcox Administrative Director
Justice Action Network Foundation

Proactively Addresses Concerns with Personalized Service

BASE Solutions provides us the peace of mind in knowing that when we have IT issues, Atul and his team are accessible and responsive, always addressing our needs and concerns with quiet urgency and supreme competence.

Not only is BASE Solutions our first and only IT partner, its responsiveness, proactivity and knowledge of our people and our business makes it an invaluable member of our team.

If you are looking for personalized service, a responsive and expert staff, and practical solutions to your IT needs, BASE Solutions is your best choice.

Misti Mukherjee Managing Member
Extensio Law

All Our IT Issues are FINALLY Solved!

BASE Solutions provided solutions that actually worked! I am not getting any complaints regarding IT anymore – whether it be that the VPN does not work, or a file cannot be found, which software are we using for what purpose.. All our IT issues are finally solved!

Our prior IT provider did not document our information accurately, making the transition at the beginning a bit messy. However, Atul and his team were there every step of the way, ensuring our questions or needs were responded to very quickly.

If you are looking for an IT partner that will go above and beyond to and give you the knowledge of your IT systems in language you understand, then BASE Solutions might be YOUR solution.

Elaine Moy Senior Director of Finance, Development, and Institutional Equity

Responsive, Efficient, and Thorough

The Geller Group benefits in many ways by having BASE Solutions as our IT partner. The biggest value has been the quick responsiveness to our issues, allowing us to focus on our own work without technology interfering.

BASE Solutions values our time.  If we have a technology issue, there is a well-equipped tech who can support us right away and ensure that the issue is fully resolved before closing the support ticket. This was a breath of fresh air in comparison to previous IT providers I have worked with in the past.

Do not hesitate to choose BASE Solutions as your IT partner; hiring them will make YOUR life easier!

Cameron Gowan Firm Administrator
The Geller Group

Forward Thinking. Never Blindsided. Trust-Worthy.

In working with BASE Solutions for close to a decade, I can honestly say because of the proactive approach to solutions that Atul and his team provide my business and with the consistent daily service we receive, we have NEVER experienced a serious disruption or felt blindsided when systems have gone down.

You need to put your entire company’s ability to operate in the hands of a company that you can trust. BASE Solutions is forward thinking and accountable, two essential attributes that lacked with other IT firms I have worked with in the past.

While on the surface IT support may seem like a service that is not integral to your day to day operation, but in reality is it’s the glue that holds your company’s operation together. I have the luxury of sleeping sound each night knowing that should something go wrong, there’s a good chance BASE Solutions is already working on it or at a minimum, they are  only a call away.


Scott Hillig President and CEO
DH Companies

My Business Keeps Running – No Matter What!

JPS Law benefits in many ways by having BASE Solutions as our IT partner. The biggest value to my firm is the continuity of business regardless of any IT issues in the background. BASE Solutions ensures our business is running behind the scenes so that we can focus on supporting our clients’ needs.

The BASE Solutions team is not only incredibly responsive, but they also have the unique ability in their industry to communicate in plain language that can be understood. That is a rare commodity given the other IT firms I have worked with previously.

If you are in the market for an IT service provider that will hit the ground running to ensure your IT needs are beyond satisfied, BASE Solutions will not disappoint!


JP Sherry Managing Partner

Excellent Technical Expertise by All Staff

BASE Solutions provides excellent customer service and responds to our technology needs quickly and efficiently.

The level of technical expertise that team members at all levels possess at BASE Solutions allows issues to be troubleshooted in a streamlined fashion, which is a welcome change from our previous IT providers.

BASE Solutions meets our users where they are. No matter if they are a technical or non-technical user, the team ensures communication is clear allowing us to be more productive in our work.

Donna Diane CFO

Efficient, Responsive, Removed the Stress from Managing our Organization's IT

BASE Solutions’ efficiency and responsiveness in solving issues quickly and effectively is critical in our current remote work environment. Their overall source of support and knowledge has made us feel like we have a full-time internal IT department right on site. Well-functioning IT is key to the success of our organization, and we have been thrilled to have worked with BASE Solutions throughout this past year.

BASE Solutions does such an excellent job of maintaining our systems and working with our staff that I feel like I barely think about IT related matters at all, which is where I personally spent a lot of time and energy on with our previous IT providers. Atul and his team have really removed the stress from managing our organization's IT.

We interviewed several IT firms during our search, and I can say that choosing to move forward with BASE Solutions was the best decision that we could have made for our organization's success. They have the resources and dedication to fully support our needs, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve the management of their organization's IT.

Molly Pasquarella Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Manager of HQ Operations

Addresses Problems Quickly, Correctly, and Respectfully, No Upsell for Products We Don’t Need

BASE Solutions is incredibly responsive. We seldom have things go wrong, but when we do the BASE Solutions team is there to address the problems quickly, correctly, and respectfully.

As a small non-profit, we value vendors who understand either we don’t need or can’t afford all the bells and whistles. We can trust BASE Solutions to approach solutions in a cost-effective way keeping our unique operating needs top of mind. I also love how the team communicates with us. They explaining things in a way a non-expert can understand, which is incredibly helpful and appreciated.

BASE Solutions is well-priced, fair, responsive, polite, and highly competent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of IT services, EVER.

Marcia Howard Executive Director and Executive Editor

Proactive IT Provider with Effective, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Solutions

The service that BASE Solutions provides is unmatched. Not only are they knowledgeable, patient, and make it a point to understand what are needs are, I also appreciate that Atul, himself, is accessible if I ever need anything.

BASE Solutions is the first IT company I have ever worked with that is proactive. As a non-IT person, I know the result I want, but lack the IT knowledge on how to get there. Atul and his team listen to what we are trying to accomplish, and work with us to create effective and efficient solutions which are economically viable for a small non-profit like us.

Whatever your IT goals are or how big or small your budget is, BASE Solutions can be what you need them to be. Having them in your corner will save you time and money, and from my experience, service like this isn’t easy to find!

Gabriel Martinez Cabrera Executive Director
Literacy Council of Montgomery County

Consistent Undivided Attention

The single biggest benefit to Corinthian Contractors since we started using BASE Solutions as our IT service provider is the undivided attention we receive on a consistent basis.

Better than other IT firms we have worked with in the past we value the personal relationship we have built with the team and regardless of a crisis or not, we know that we can depend on them.

If you are on the fence about choosing Atul and his team as your IT provider, I will be happy to speak to you directly to provide a reference!

James E. Doll Officer and President
Corinthian Contractors

Focuses on Best Practices, Increased our Efficiency by Transitioning Us Away from Expensive Servers and Dated Technology

Thanks to BASE Solutions’ on-going focus on best practices and listening to our specific company needs, we have transitioned away from expensive servers and dated technology and into a more efficient IT environment. Also given the changes in work structure during the pandemic, it was a huge relief to see how well the team supported our IT needs remotely.

BASE Solutions provides a personal touch to their service. We have the peace of mind in knowing they are in our building, and if we ever needed anything, they are right there to support us. Atul and his team have proven over the years, continued IT support from a trusted partner, is vital to our business.

I have companies contacting me daily about changing IT support providers and I do not even think about entertaining a change. Give BASE Solutions a call today, you will not be disappointed!

Jake Wyatt President
Metro Management Services, LLC

Reduced the Stress of Managing the Office, Not Just an IT Vendor - Part of Our Internal Team

BASE Solutions responds to technology issues quickly and efficiently. By knowing I can rely on the team to address any IT concerns that arise, it reduces the stress of managing the office and allows me to focus on other pressing tasks on my plate.

BASE Solutions has built key relationships with our team, making them feel like one of us rather than an outside support vendor. That is definitely what sets Atul and his team apart from other IT firms in the business.

If you are looking for an IT provider that will treat you like more than just a client and is extremely responsive, I guarantee you will not be disappointed by partnering with BASE Solutions!

Keisha Walker HR Office Manager
Corinthian Contractors

ALWAYS Behind the Scenes Keeping Our System Secure and Current Allowing Us to Focus on Our Business

DH Companies benefit in many ways by having BASE Solutions as our IT partner. We have the peace of mind knowing Atul and his team are ALWAYS behind the scenes keeping our system secure and current, allowing us to focus on our business rather than worrying about IT issues that occur.

BASE Solutions responsiveness is second to none. No matter if it is during the day or night, I always receive an immediate response regarding any issue, urgent or not, that we might have.

BASE Solutions is more than just an IT company, they have become an extension of our company and we can’t imagine doing business without them! I would 100% recommend them to any company looking for a responsive, caring, and personable IT partner to take care of their IT needs.

Lee Anne Dolan Vice President of Compliance
DH Companies

We Trust Solutions Being Recommended are ONLY Ones We Need, Outstanding Customer Service

BASE Solutions undeniably provides outstanding customer service. When advising options to better our IT systems, we trust solutions being recommended are ONLY ones we need.

Our DC office opened in 2016, and Atul and his team managed the entire IT setup making the process seamless for our team to hit the ground running from day 1. Atul and his team make us feel like no issue is too small, and that all our IT issues are a priority.

If you are looking for an IT partner who is not only going to provide you great customer service, but also treats you like a top client regardless of the size of your company, then BASE Solutions is the right partner for you!

Melanie Harrison COO
Amin, Talati & Wasserman

Efficient Solutions, Fantastic Customer Service, Clear Communication in Non-Technical Terms

BASE Solutions has fantastic customer service! A support specialist always answers immediately and will assist our team thoroughly with any request. They also dramatically increased the efficiency of our business by helping us transition smoothly from an obsolete mail server to the Office365 Suite.

Some of the other companies we have worked with in the tech space have engineers who struggled with explaining technical concepts in terms that we understood. BASE Solutions does an excellent job bridging the communication gap with our team so any team member is up to speed, tech savvy or not.

If you are looking for on-demand tech support with an extremely responsive and helpful team, BASE Solutions will be a great fit for your company.

Carson Hotard Enterprise Development Manager
Event Transportation Systems

Proactive Solutions Ensuring Technology Supports Our Current Business Model and Future Growth

BASE Solutions is critical to our day-to-day business. Without their continuous support and expert knowledge, it would not be possible for us to do our best work and properly service our customer’s needs.

BASE Solutions provides prompt service when we need it the most. Atul and his team understand the urgency of our IT issues and they have always addressed our concerns quickly and efficiently.

We can trust BASE Solutions to always be attentive, courteous, and accommodating, and advise proactive solutions ensuring our technology supports our current business model and future growth. We look forward to our continued partnership with them!

Emily Clark Business Manager
The Three Amigos

Customized Solutions, Personal Touch

BASE Solutions tailor their support to our business model, which is invaluable for us as a small business. They not only respond quickly to time-sensitive and crisis situations, but they do so efficiently with a flexible team.

Whether visiting our offices or working with us remotely, we know each BASE Solutions team member personally and can confidently say that they know our business and our technological needs. Their personal touch is what sets them apart from other IT providers.

If you are looking for a change from the bureaucratic one-size-fits all model and you want a company to understand and customize IT support to your business needs, then sit down for five minutes with Atul or any of his team members and their personal touch and tech acumen will win you over.

Carolyn Campbell COO
ECP Investments

Operate at Peak Efficiency with No Down Time, Supporting our Firm for Over 11 Years, Cost-Effective Solutions

BASE Solutions works quietly behind the scenes to maintain our systems so that we can operate at peak efficiency with no down time. They have been supporting our firm for the entirety of our existence – 11 ½ years – and we cannot imagine what our business would be like without them as our partner.

The BASE Solutions team is reliable, always there when we need them, and cost-effective in their approach to addressing our needs. These attributes are essential to the ultimate success of any client, big or small.

IT service providers have a thankless job. They only hear about the problems and the kudos for a job well done are few and far between. Moreover, when they are truly great at what they do, they are taken for granted by their clients. Cameron McEvoy has the good fortune of being one such client since partnering with BASE Solutions. Don’t hesitate to make them a part of your team as well. You will be glad you did and will regret you didn’t hire them sooner!

Sunny Cameron Partner
Cameron McEvoy, PLLC

Having Expert and Affordable IT Support When I Need it the Most

BASE Solutions is knowledgeable and affordable for small businesses. Partnering with Atul and his team ensures I have expert IT support when I need it the most, helping me run my business successfully.

Having an IT provider that values my time just as much as theirs is what I appreciate most about working with BASE Solutions. I feel comfortable approaching them about my concerns and know they will respond quickly and professionally to all my technical questions and IT issues.

If you are a small business and looking for a professional IT provider that will personalizes solutions to fit your business at an affordable price, call BASE Solutions today!

Marysue K. Shore President and Founder
GB Strategies

Reliability, Responsiveness, and Understanding of Our Business is UNMATCHED

Since partnering with BASE Solutions over a decade ago, we never have to worry about anything IT related. Atul and his team are extremely responsive and proactive in recommending solutions, allowing our business to run more efficiently.

BASE Solutions provides amazing customer service. By taking the time to get to know our business, Atul and his team can quickly understand what we are looking for and why without a lengthy explanation. The ability to easily communicate with them at any time of the day is what sets them apart from other IT firms I have worked with in the past.

Hands down we would choose BASE Solutions over any other IT partner. Their reliability, responsiveness, and understanding of our business is UNMATCHED!

Sab Shad Partner/COO
Karma by Erwin Gomez

Technology Operations are Secure, Reliable, and Scalable Enabling Increased Growth and Profitability for My Business

BASE Solutions allows us to focus on growing our business while ensuring that our technology operations are secure, reliable, and scalable. Atul and his team go out of their way to understand our business and provide tailored solutions that have enabled growth and increased profitability.

For over a decade, BASE Solutions has customized solutions to our needs, avoiding a cookie cutter approach that is common in managed services. This personalized service truly sets them apart from other providers we have worked with in the past.

Even though we are a small firm, we appreciate being treated like we are BASE Solutions’ most important customer. I highly recommend choosing them to be your IT partner as well!

Vic Goel Managing Partner
Goel & Anderson, LLC

Have My Best Interests at Heart, Trust-Worthy

The single biggest benefit of having BASE Solutions manage our IT support network is knowing they always have our best interests at heart.  If something goes wrong and needs to be fixed, I take solace in knowing the solution is going to be the most efficient and cost-friendly option.

Whenever we have questions or concerns, BASE Solutions responds immediately unlike other IT firms I have worked with previously. If assistance is needed and the issue can’t be solved remotely, I can count on a team member to be at my office that same day or within 48 hours.

There is great comfort in personally working with the owner of BASE Solutions, Atul Bhagat. He is honest, trust-worthy and his IT intelligence is unsurpassed. If you are looking for an IT vendor that you can trust to do right by you and your company, look no further.

David L. Marks Partner
David Marks Law

Systems Uptime, Proactive Approach

BASE Solutions is ALWAYS available any time we need them and keeps our systems up and running no matter what.

We value the proactive approach BASE Solutions takes to systems maintenance rather than the reactive approach that the previous IT providers had.

Any organization will be in good hands with BASE Solutions for all their end to end IT needs.  From ensuring backups, security measures, and disaster recovery processes are all in place to always being available (offsite and onsite), we are confident in saying that Atul and his team will guide you every step of the way to make sure your business succeeds.

Sandeep Verma Director of Information Technology and Operations
Goel and Anderson Corporate Immigration

Exceptional Technical Expertise, Immediately Responsive, Pesrsonal Touch and Service

BASE Solutions has provided our IT support for over a decade! Not only is their technical expertise exceptional, but they have never failed to be immediately responsive to both urgent and routine requests.

Relationships and approach matter. The personal touch and service that BASE Solutions provides me and my staff is what sets them apart from other IT providers I have worked with in the past.

If you are looking for an IT vendor that is going to be there for you through thick and thin, call BASE Solutions today! Like my firm, you will have nothing but positive experiences.

Tim McEvoy Partner and Attorney
Cameron McEvoy, LLC

24x7 Security Monitoring, High Quality Services, Trustworthy Partnership

BASE Solutions gives me the peace of mind of knowing our IT needs are taken care of and our network is secure. In this era of cybersecurity risks, the biggest priority for my law firm is ensuring that our services are uninterrupted and secure for our clients. BASE Solutions not only provides 24x7 security, but they address potential issues proactively safeguarding my network from threats.

The BASE Solutions’ response time is almost immediate. Supporting my document management and Office365 solutions, the team’s expertise to handle any small or complex project with the best quality allows them to stack up to the best in the market.

BASE Solutions has an unmatched desire to find a solution that will work for you and your business. They are a dependable partner with big capabilities, so no task is too big, and no client is too small. If you are looking for an IT firm that delivers every time, choose Atul and his team. It is not often you will find a trustworthy partner that will keep their promise. BASE Solutions will, always.

Anantha Paruthipattu Attorney and Principal
Paruthipattu Law Firm PLLC

Reliable, Affordable, Easy to Work With

The biggest single benefit from having BASE Solutions manage our IT support has been the consistent reliability. When an issue occurs, which in technology it always will, the team is quick to respond and addresses each issue thoroughly.

BASE Solutions solves issues promptly and accurately by listening to our issues and concerns and asking specific and targeted questions to get to the best possible solution.

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and easy to work with IT provider, look no further! Contact BASE Solutions today, you won’t be disappointed.

Renee Storey Communications Manager
Mahdavi Doumar Budd & Levine PLLC

An IT Firm that Cares

BASE Solutions cares about their clients and wants to ensure all customers are satisfied with their services. Being able to depend and rely on Atul and his team has been extremely vital to securing our IT infrastructure.

Having worked with other IT firms in the past, I value the responsiveness to IT issues and concerns BASE Solutions provides me and my firm. I also appreciate that a team member takes the time to verify that issues have been resolved and I’m satisfied before closing out a ticket.

BASE Solutions’ responsiveness and professionalism is superior, so don’t hesitate to partner with them today to help you with any and all of your IT needs!

Steve Gombos Managing Partner
Gombos Leyton, PC

Responsive, Flexible, Services Clients Based on Their Needs

BASE Solutions services clients based on their needs. Whether we need someone on-site for a technology issue or want to check-in on how to prevent future IT disruptions, Atul and his team are available to support us whenever we need it.

Our time is clearly valued by BASE Solutions since tickets that we submit through their online ticketing system, are responded to right away. Their responsiveness in general is what I appreciate most of all compared to other IT firms I have worked with in the past.

If you are looking for an IT provider that uses the consistency of a ticketing system but has the flexibility to call the owner himself if you are in a bind, BASE Solutions is the right partner for you!

George Doumar Founder and Principal
Mahdavi Doumar Budd & Levine PLLC

Fast Solutions in User-Friendly Terms

BASE Solutions has been supporting our IT services for over 7 years. We can always count on the team to be extremely prompt and competent whenever issues arise.

In comparison to other IT firms we have worked with previously, BASE Solutions approaches solutions faster and in a user-friendly fashion. We also appreciate how effectively the team explains issues or solutions in non-technical terms, which allows everyone to be on the same page.

I would highly recommend BASE Solutions for a company looking for an IT partner and would be very surprised if you weren’t thrilled with their services!

Peter Lunt Partner

Professional, Responsive, Cost-Effective Solutions

BASE Solutions is extremely professional and responds promptly to any requests or issues. They also provide cost-effective solutions tailored to what is best for each unique client. Thanks to their expertise, Atul and his team were able to replace, set up, and manage a new server allowing us to work more efficiently without any issues or disruptions.

My firm has had a long-lasting business relationship with BASE Solutions and believe that their professionalism, responsiveness, and cost-effective solutions is why I continue to choose them as my IT partner.

If you are looking for IT support for your business, you can count on BASE Solutions to be a reliable partner for all your technology needs.

Jun Park Managing Partner
IP&T Group, LLP

Genuine, Caring, and Trust BASE Solutions like FAMILY

BASE Solutions’ knowledge, experience, customer service and attention to detail is stellar! When my business partner and I started our own company in 2017, I needed an IT partner that could handle all our needs and get us set up quickly without any issues or a heavy lift from me. Having known the owners personally, and seeing how genuine and caring they are, I knew that Atul and his team would be the right partner for me!

I can honestly say that BASE Solutions has exceeded all my expectations. Especially having worked at larger law firms and other sports agencies in the past, I saw firsthand how unresponsive and impersonal IT providers can be. BASE Solutions proved that IT providers can be responsive and value my time all while having a good time together!

I trust Atul like family, and I knew that choosing him and his team to manage my IT support was the best decision for me and my business. I would highly recommend BASE Solutions without any reservation! They will make your workplace seamless when it comes to any and all IT issues!

Chitta Mallik Principal and Co-Founder
Dream Point Sports

Recommendations Tailored to What is Best for Our Firm, Our People, and Our Budget

BASE Solutions understands our company and our goals. Whether our overall IT goals or our team’s unique personalities and capabilities, recommendations are tailored specifically to what is best for our firm, our people, and our budget.

We value the consistent personalized service we receive from Atul and his team. We get their attention for needs both small and large, and can count on them to always be there when we need them. This is what sets BASE Solutions apart from other IT firms we have worked with in the past.

BASE Solutions is an IT provider that will take the time to get to know you and your company and provide the best service for your specific needs and people.

Christine Hopkinson Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg, LLP

Peace of Mind, Increased Productivity, Unmatched Responsiveness

Miller Consulting Group benefits in many ways by having BASE Solutions as our IT partner. Hands down the biggest value is the peace of mind knowing our client’s information is secured. We also experience increased productivity daily because of the customized solutions Atul and his team have implemented specifically for my business.

BASE Solutions values our time.  If we have a technology issue, their responsiveness is unmatched. My business keeps running no matter what!

Do not sit on the fence - leap over the fence to call BASE Solutions today. You will be thrilled to have them as your IT partner!

Matthew E. Miller Owner and President
Miller Consulting Group, LLC

Provides Strategic and Proactive Solutions, Tackles All Questions with Efficiency and Grace

BASE Solutions provides strategic solutions that are proactive allowing our company to run more effectively. They also have excellent on-demand assistance for every IT question that arises. From password resets to strategy, Atul and his team tackle all questions with efficiency and grace.

Our entire company relies on the BASE Solutions’ knowledge and expertise. Their understanding into the intricies of our company along with their quick response time is what we value the most in comparison to other IT firms we have worked with previously.

With BASE Solutions as your IT partner, no matter how simple or complex questions are, you will always be a priority. Call today!

Dannielle Wade ECP Investments

Empowers Our Business, Extension of Our Team

By leaving the IT requirements to the professionals, BASE Solutions empowers us to focus on our core mission.

BASE Solutions is extremely resonsive no matter the issue or time of day. We can count on them to be there to support any and all of our technology needs, in record time.

As a small company, BASE Solutions has been more than just another support contractor. They are an extension of our AOC team which is instrumental to our business. Don’t hesitate to call them today!

John Shapleigh Vice President
Operations, AOC Solutions

Partnered with BASE Solutions for Over 11 Years and Continue to be Responsive and Attentive 

We can confidently say the responsiveness to our issues and the personalized attention we continually receive are the few reasons we have partnered with BASE Solutions for the past 11 years.

BASE Solutions has taken the time to get to know everyone in our organization and tailors responses to technical issues to each user and his or her skill level. That level of service is what we value the most in comparison to other IT firms we have worked with previously.

If you are looking for an IT provider that will get to know you and your people, BASE Solutions will be a great choice! I’m sure you will be pleased!

Carol Lardner Firm Administrator
Cameron McEvoy, PLLC