What We Do

Outsource all your IT needs to BASE Solutions to manage so you can focus on growing your business. Not only will you be gaining access to the expertise of an entire IT department, services also includes 24×7 managed IT support and consulting.

How We Do It

Every business has their own goals and objectives. As your virtual CIO, BASE Solutions works with you to determine the right role technology should play in your growth story. We love technology and constantly play matchmaker for you and the right innovation.

When you sign up for BASE Solutions's IT consulting services, you can expect great service among other things:


We don't charge you horrendous fees for set-up or maintenance, and we'll work with your budget.

We'll manage everything

BASE Solutions doesn't stop our services at just planning and set-up. We'll continue to manage your IT services to ensure consistency, ensuring less downtime and unexpected events.


We make the plan for your business unique to your needs, so when something bad does happen, you can be more prepared to face it.

As Your Virtual CIO, Atul:

  • Understands new technologies.
  • Learns how IT can drive company growth or dramatically cut costs.
  • Figures out how to cost-effectively operate them.
  • Uses technology to identify new operating models.

Atul Bhagat,
CEO/President of BASE Solutions

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