Genuine, Caring, and Trust BASE Solutions like FAMILY

BASE Solutions’ knowledge, experience, customer service and attention to detail is stellar! When my business partner and I started our own company in 2017, I needed an IT partner that could handle all our needs and get us set up quickly without any issues or a heavy lift from me. Having known the owners personally, and seeing how genuine and caring they are, I knew that Atul and his team would be the right partner for me!

I can honestly say that BASE Solutions has exceeded all my expectations. Especially having worked at larger law firms and other sports agencies in the past, I saw firsthand how unresponsive and impersonal IT providers can be. BASE Solutions proved that IT providers can be responsive and value my time all while having a good time together!

I trust Atul like family, and I knew that choosing him and his team to manage my IT support was the best decision for me and my business. I would highly recommend BASE Solutions without any reservation! They will make your workplace seamless when it comes to any and all IT issues!

Chitta Mallik
Principal and Co-Founder
Dream Point Sports